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Develop once and deploy everywhere

December 4, 2010

I’m one of the firm believers that mobile and cloud will rule the next 10 -15 years of computing. One of the important aspects of applications is going to be its ubiquity. By ubiquity what I mean is the availability of products everywhere irrespective of what device you use. You could use either your  phone, tablet, PC, TV – these devices are going to act just as plain display. The products are going to be hosted on the cloud, delivered through the internet media to be interacted upon these devices.

That there are so many platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, webOS, BB, Symbian…) available and every one of these vendors increasingly vie for the product and development community to their properitary platform, there is a real push back from the community. Even if you got talent in each and every platform, it is a waste of time and energy to just develop the same product in different platforms again and again. Thus increasingly there is a push from the developer community at large to develop a common platform from where you generate code specific to every platform. But for the vendors, this makes sense from every angle.

Here is an interesting link to the various initiatives going on for cross-platform mobile development. There  are three significant aspects to these cross-platform development initiatives, first being that they are all web-based (HTML, Javascript), second being that two of them are based on IUI which is briefly mentioned in the talk on Rhomobile and the last thing is that they are based on the MVC pattern. Ofcourse there are other players such as air2web who are developing and selling such tools. The significance of these are that these are opensource. There has to be a real support for the open source community in this effort without which the vendors would be successfull which will result in real loss to the consumers.