Quick Tips on using Appcelerator Titanium in Windows

The Getting Started Guide and Appcelerator’s developer center were helpful, however when did something work as per the document?

I struggled pretty much two days to first install and start using it in Windows. Then spent another two hours to make it work in my DROID. Let me give the quick tips.


1. Install Java in C:\Java. Do not put it inside a folder that has spaces eg: “Program Files”. If you don’t do this it won’t work.

2. Specify the path in the $Path environment variable.

3. Install JDK, the JAVA runtime alone is not enough as javasigner and javac won’t be available in the runtime.

4. Choose APIs x.x in the emulator window when you choose android versions. Do NOT choose those without the word API.

Installing on the Device

Even though I installed android sdk for windows that included the usb driver, it didn’t recognize my DROID. After connecting the device, Choose Install driver from a specific location and choose the .inf file available in the android driver folder.

After doing any change to your $PATH or any other stuff, restart Titanium.


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