Just-in-time apps – Next Generation Web hosting

Since the inception of internet leading upto its peak,  having a website was a given for every organization . In a similar vein, with the advent of iPhone, now everyone is expected to have an app. After the .com boom, the website creation is commoditized by the web-hosting companies that they would offer a variety of templates and you could build your website in few minutes. The same business model is being extended to the app world by the new entrants – iSites, Widgetbox and bizness apps.

Every one of them offers a paid plan per month per app plan with varying degree of support, analytics and the apps work in both android and iPhone. BiznessApps is the cheaper of the lot.  iSites offers a basic web based app while the BiznessApps offer the ability to create native iPad apps and widgetbox let you create widgets alone.


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