Doodle marketing

Everybody knows about Google doodles these days. The most recent one I adore is the Guitar – what a lovely innovation? As I was thinking more about the doodle program, it dawned on me How about a doodle for every business. Sooner this  concept could become like an appstore.

Google is doing it to promote a cause. Any company can make up their logo to represent something – it could be used to showcase a customer by combining the customers’ and your logo (rather than burying it somewhere in the website under customer list),  a recent milestone in the company, a recent innovation etc. For ex: Yahoo is splashing their entire page with an ad when you login, you could take them to this kind of a storyboard page after they click on the initial doodle.

For example, GE can come up with an attractive doodle on the eco-imagination / logo to showcase how they helped Boeing / CSX on going green, How the green/black belts are helping the customers, the Smart grids and the like.

I would love to discuss further and develop on this idea with interested parties.

Found another blog entry from Wharton on similar lines. Here you go


2 Responses to “Doodle marketing”

  1. Alfa Says:

    I don’t understand how a company can generate money based on the new graphic design when considerable amount of money spend on graphic design. Of course, Google is not expecting any monetary benefit from this. Besides, it make sense some extend that million of users get some refreshing when browsing Google website every day.

    • fromraj Says:

      Thank you. The way I set up this requires approval for posting comments. I was here and thought i approved this comment. I believe this a marketing tool for any company as I mentioned to showcase your clients, your new product, technoloy etc. Similar to GE sending the so called “Black belts” to their client location help them improve the process for free. If “monetizing” is the goal, sure there could be art shops create a doodle distribution engine which could be hired by all sorts of companies similar to Akamai (for content distribution) – just a thought.

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