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Windows Server 2012 Licensing

February 13, 2013

In my quest to find out answers to my simple questions, I had to go through legal lingo everywhere and no straight answers. Thought, I would pin it here and might help someone else.

There are four versions and small businesses with less than 25 users can go with the “Essentials” with no need for any CALs.

The two other version that would be widely used are “Standard” and “Data Center”, with only difference being the number of virtual instances that one can have. Standard supports upto two virtual instances while Data center edition has no limitation.

All licenses are processor based. i.e one license per physical processor. If you have two Quad-core processors, you still need only one standard license. If you have four dual core processors, then you need two licenses.

If you have only websites running on your server (or basically hosting websites), you DO NOT need any CALs. If you have any windows apps, then you need CALs.

The another significant thing regarding the virtual instances are that they could be of any previous OS (windows 2003, 2008) as long as you have the necessary license. There is no separate license for Hyper-V like the earlier versions.

You can add more licenses if you need more virtual instances later.