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AWS RDS & Azure SQL Some updates

October 5, 2016

I’m continuing to explore cloud based SQL Servers (AWS RDS as well as Azure SQL) vs. SQL server in the cloud. There are some good developments that happened recently. Round one Amazon AWS RDS wins against Azure SQL.

In my earlier post (Amazon RDS DMS), I mentioned that these cloud providers should come up with a mechanism to Backup / Restore to/from .bak in S3 or Azure blob storage. I wrote this in April and AWS made it possible by end of June while I was busy playing with Azure. Here is the documentation on how to do this.

Azure has come up with something similar but fell short. They introduced a way to Restore from a .bak file in Azure blob storage. If you have your own instance of SQL server 2014 & above, then there is an option to Restore from “URL” where you specify the URL of the Azure Blob storage details.

However this doesn’t apply to Azure SQL.

On other fronts, Azure SQL offers other features such as Full-text in complete form. Here is the link to the documentation on enabling / using Full-text feature.

The reason, I’m providing the links rather than explaining is that the documentation is really good and you should not have any problem following these instructions. It is pretty much straightforward. I had trouble with the “Restore from URL” because, I was thinking this is the equivalent of the AWS RDS feature. I was trying to restore an Azure SQL database from the Blob storage and getting frustrated!

My biggest pet peeve with Azure SQL is that majority of the features cannot be done using SSMS. It is a wonderful tool that makes SQL Server stand apart. You can’t right click to manage full-text or indices, keys etc. I’m happy that MS is following the open source crowd in warming up to the community but it should do all these without giving up its USP – the wonderful tools. Without these tools such as Visual Studio, SSMS, you can as well use the open source tools.

Please do drop me a line if you have trouble accomplishing any of these or want to reach out to me to share your thoughts.