Significance of SSL Certificates

This is not a big write up exploring why you need SSL certificates, their need etc. You need to see this as a continuity to my previous post on browser push notifications.

This is the beginning of the year and is a good excuse to review all your websites and their SSL (HTTPS) certificates and make sure they are valid. It is one of the best practice for your websites to support https if it allows login. Your webapp will look so sorry and in some cases, outright rejected and you end up losing your ground. The current browsers do a validation themselves as well as the myriad security products from Norton to free Avast may block, suggest that your website is not secure.

In the last post, we noticed the beauty and significance of browser push notifications. Here, in the current one, I’m talking about servers that host & send these messages. The floating pop-ups or suggestive windows such as the Chat app, that show up to assist the customers may be a totally different app. Gone are the days were the app and all its components lived in one server. now every one of them may live on their own and not even in the same data center or country! This is the day and age of Micro services architecture (better than SOA), each app is a service plugged in to make a complete offering. The web solutions these days are like a giant 1000 piece puzzle and you should orchestrate better.


Here is an example where even a company such as Bank of America has an SSL certificate that is not valid. You could spend all your money in developing nice features but at the end something as simple (wild card certificates are not cheap) an invalid SSL, will block and the messages / features / notifications would not see the light!



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